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                          Cement grinding vertical mill is on sale

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                          The cement grinding vertical mill is a new type of vertical mill developed by our company for the final grinding process of cement clinker. It integrates grinding, drying and grading. Compared with the traditional mill, its big advantage lies in low energy consumption. The average power consumption is less than 30kwh/t. Due to the advantages of high grinding efficiency, large drying capacity, stable product fineness and low operating cost, it has become a new generation of new environmentally friendly cement grinding equipment. The cement grinding vertical mill has various varieties and complete specifications. According to different project scales, it can meet the production demand of 1000-7000 tons of cement clinker per day.
                          Structural features
                          The cement grinding vertical mill is compact, small in size and fully enclosed. It is mainly composed of high-efficiency classifier, grinding roller device, grinding disc device, grinding roller hydraulic loading device, hydraulic lubrication system, reducer, motor and electric. The separator is an efficient and energy-saving powder sorting device. The combined conical grinding roller is a component used for crushing and crushing materials. The grinding disc is fixed on the output shaft of the reducer, which is the place where the grinding roller crushes the material. The hydraulic loading device is a component that provides the grinding pressure to the grinding roller, and provides sufficient pressure to the grinding roller to pulverize the material.
                          Technical advantages
                          Size matching
                          Through the adjustment of the operating parameters, the particle matching of the cement can be adjusted in a wide range; and the adjustment is easy; the cement type can be easily adjusted according to market needs.

                          Water demand
                          After repeated trials, the water requirement is equivalent to that of the ball mill product, which can be controlled at 26-28%;

                          Cement strength
                          The strength of 3d and 28d is the same as that of the ball mill, and some indicators are slightly higher than the ball mill.

                          Grain shape
                          The grain type of the cement grinding vertical mill production line is basically the same as that of the ball mill by the comparative analysis of the grain type similarity under the electron microscope.
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