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                          The correct operation method of cement vertical roller mill

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                          The cement vertical roller mill adopts a new generation of cement grinding technology, which integrates grinding, drying and powder selection. It saves 30% of electricity per ton compared to conventional ball mills. The main structure consists of a separator, a roller device, a disk device, a pressurizing device, a speed reducer, a motor, a casing and the like. At the same time, there are few supporting equipments, one machine is multi-functional, the floor space is small, and the dust pollution is small,cement vertical roller mill is widely used in cement plants, grinding station clinker grinding production.
                          Suitable material thickness. Cement vertical roller mill adopts the principle of material bed pulverization, and the stable material layer is the prerequisite for continuous and stable operation of vertical roller mill. The material layer is too thick, the grinding efficiency is low, and the current is high. The material layer is too thin to cause mechanical vibration. Therefore, according to the wear of the vertical roll skin and the disc liner, the height of the block should be adjusted in time to control a reasonable material layer.
                          The combined moisture content of the material should be controlled between 2% and 5%. The material is too dry and too thin, and the fluidity is good, making it difficult to form a stable material layer. At this time, the height of the retaining ring should be appropriately increased, and the grinding pressure or 2% to 3% lowers the fluidity of the material, which is advantageous for the stability of the material. Excessive moisture will affect the stable operation of the batching station, belt scale and other equipment, affecting the output of the cement vertical roller mill.It can be seen that controlling a stable and reasonable material layer, maintaining a reasonable temperature and humidity, and maintaining a small pressure difference are effective ways to improve the vertical mill production and energy saving.
                          Suitable grinding pressure. The cement vertical roller mill uses a hydraulic system to apply grinding pressure to the grinding rolls to comminute the material on the vertical mill. As the pressure increases, the output of the mill increases and the output power of the mill motor increases accordingly. According to the nature of the actual grinding material, particle size, output and wind speed, find out the corresponding relationship between grinding pressure and production. Determining the proper grinding pressure is an important parameter to increase the stage production.
                          It is suitable for reasonable wind speeds. The cement vertical roller mill is mainly circulated through the airflow and animal materials. Since the area of ??the nozzle ring S is fixed, it is known that the air volume Q = wind speed V * area S. The air volume first satisfies the requirements of material transportation, and the air volume is insufficient, which leads to the inability to bring out qualified raw materials in time, so that the material layer becomes thicker and increases. The amount of slag increases the mill load, reduces the output, increases the air volume, and increases the wear and effect of the mill. The cyclone collects dust and brings unstable factors to the mill for transport. Therefore, it is very important to control the reasonable wind speed and air volume to maintain the stability of the material layer and achieve long-term stable and efficient operation of the mill.
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