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                          Control and adjustment of vertical roller mill classifier

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                          This article mainly introduces the adjustment points of the vertical roller mill classifier, the control of the classifier, and the adjustment of the speed instruction of the classifier.
                          1.Adjustment points
                          Under the condition of constant air volume and wind pressure, the speed of the classifier determines the size of the classifier's classification. The equipment is driven by YZT2 electromagnetic speed-adjusting asynchronous motor. The composition of the coupler, as long as the voltage of the electromagnetic coupler is changed, the requirement of changing the speed can be achieved.
                          2. Control of classifier
                          The control of the classifier is controlled by the electromagnetic slip controller installed on the control cabinet door and the control buttons of the classifier. When starting the machine, first press the start button of the classifier to make the cage motor part run first, then close the power switch of the electromagnetic slip controller and adjust the speed button to make the analyzer reach the required speed.
                          3. Speed ??instruction adjustment of classifier
                          Due to the inconsistent characteristics of each of the speed measuring generators of the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, the actual speed is significantly different from the speed indicated on the controller. You need to adjust it yourself. First, use the tachometer to measure the actual speed of the motor, and then adjust the control The potentiometer of "Tachometer Calibration" on the panel of the meter makes the actual speed match the speed of the indicating instrument. After adjustment, the particle size of the powder produced by the mill, and the corresponding speed indication is the actual speed of the classifier. (It should be noted that when the motor and the analyzer are debugged, they should be connected and turned on).
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