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                          Maintain bearing components of vertical roller mill

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                          Among the many parts in the vertical roller mill, the bearing is one of the core components. Its casting quality and maintenance have a significant impact on the vertical roller mill. Therefore, the bearing will be mainly maintained during production to ensure its service life. If the bearing is seriously damaged, it must be replaced immediately. We discussed how to replace the bearing earlier(Removal of bearing for vertical roller mill).
                          In order to ensure the normal operation of the vertical roller mill, after a period of running time, the bearing should pay attention to the following points during maintenance:
                          The first is lubrication
                          This is the maintenance that must be carried out in any season during the production of vertical roller mills. Lubrication is mainly to reduce the frictional force received during the work of bearings. This is a very effective way to extend its service life. The issues to be noted are the quality and purity of the lubricating oil, which are two very important points to ensure effective lubrication;
                          Followed by temperature
                          This is more obvious in summer, because summer is a high temperature season, the production temperature around the vertical mill equipment will be relatively high, and then when the equipment is running, it will also produce a certain temperature. If the heat can not be well dissipated, the internal molecules The violent movement and the effect of force are likely to cause deformation problems, which makes the efficiency of the vertical mill seriously affected;
                          Once again, regular cleaning and replacement
                          Cleaning is mainly to prevent the phenomenon of inflexible operation caused by oil stains, etc., which will affect the efficiency of the vertical roller mill, and the replacement refers to the bearing will be damaged after a certain period of time, in order to prevent the impact on production , Need timely replacement.
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