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                          The components and functions of vertical roller mill

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                          Vertical roller mill is an inseparable milling equipment that is inseparable from the beneficiation industry. It is also composed of multiple parts, and vertical roller mill accessories are interconnected and indispensable to each other. So, what are the main components of vertical roller mill and what are their functions?
                          The components of the vertical roller mill are very different in their work. The vertical roller mill is mainly composed of a host, an analyzer, a fan, a finished product cyclone, a fine powder cyclone and an air pipe. The main machine of vertical roller mill is more important. The grinding work of the pulverizer is mainly completed here. It is composed of the frame, the inlet volute, the blade, the grinding roller, the grinding ring, and the cover. The raw material passes through the grinding roller in the host machine, the rotation of the grinding ring plus the friction of the grinding roller itself rotates, and at the same time, the blade and the grinding roller at the lower end of the frame throw the material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring to form a pad This layer grinds the material under the action of the centrifugal force of the grinding roller rotating outward; and for the analyzer, it is driven by the motor through the second deceleration to rotate the blades on the turntable, and the powder from the host The role of the mill is to classify; the finished cyclone separator, the accessory of the mill is to separate the mill. In this work process, the grinding rollers of vertical roller mill are most susceptible to wear, so how to do daily protection, the previous article Maintain bearing components of vertical roller mill has introduced in detail.
                           We can give a brief description of the work of the various accessories of the mine mill from the overall. When the material is ground, it is blown into the host by a fan, and sorted in the analyzer in the grinding chamber. The unqualified material will fall into the grinding chamber for re-grinding. The powder tube comes out, and the unqualified raw materials are circulated and ground in the vertical roller mill machine in this way until it is discharged after meeting the requirements.
                           In summary, the parts of the vertical roller mill are closely connected and interlocking, and no part can be missing. We must pay attention to the maintenance work of the various parts of the vertical roller mill machine. 
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