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                          What are the operating points of the vertical roller mill

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                          Vertical roller mill is a commonly used milling equipment. We have introduced its operating procedures before, so what are the main points in the specific operation?
                          (1) Before starting the vertical roller mill, carefully check whether the safety protection of the drive belt is reliable, whether the belt is properly tightened, whether the tightening bolts of each part are loose, and whether the gap between the grinding rollers is more consistent.
                          (2) Close the knife and run for a while to check the operation of each part of the machine. When idling, it is strictly prohibited to push the grinding roller to the working position to avoid grinding roller.
                          (3) When installing and commissioning the new machine, 30 kg of bran should be used for trial grinding in the grinding roller, and all the attractants of the grinding roller should be removed before grinding.
                          (4) After the vertical roller mill is operating normally, adjust the small handwheel by a small amount to move the slider to the desired position, and then slowly push the operating handle to the working position. Pay attention to check whether the thickness of the material at both ends of the grinding roller is uniform, and adjust the large hand wheel and trace amount as appropriate
                          Adjust the small handwheel.
                          (5) Every 8 hours, the No. 45 oil should be injected into the tile covers at both ends of the fast and slow grinding rollers of the vertical roller mill, until the oil ring brings oil.
                          (6) The power control circuit of the pulverizer is controlled by an iron shell switch, and a short-circuit protection circuit is added. When the switch needs to work, close the switch handle to run. When the vertical roller mill is to stop working, pull out the handle and the motor stops.
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