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                          Structure and working principle of dolomite Raymond Mill

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                          The dolomite Raymond mill is a newly developed grinding equipment for dolomite materials on the basis of the mill. It has the advantages of fine discharge, advanced technology, high screening rate, high production efficiency, low power consumption, small three-dimensional structure, small one-time investment and so on. In addition to crushing dolomite, it can also effectively work on limestone, barite, calcium carbonate, calcite, potash feldspar, talc and other materials.
                          Structure: the internal structure of dolomite Raymond mill is very simple, mainly composed of main machine, blower, motor, analyzer, pipeline device, etc. the main machine, as the main working part of the equipment, also includes grinding roller, grinding ring, frame, air inlet volute, blade, cover, etc.
                          Working principle: when the dolomite Raymond mill works, driven by the transmission device, the grinding roller device suspended on the plum blossom frame starts to move. It not only revolves around the vertical axis, but also rotates itself. Such a moving force causes the grinding roller to constantly swing outwards and finally press the grinding ring tightly. The crushed dolomite is added into the machine by the feed hopper on the side of the machine cover. It is lifted by the blade and sent between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. It is crushed into powder by the rolling rolling of the grinding roller. Then the powdered dolomite is blown by the fan and sent to the analyzer for sorting. The dolomite meeting the fineness requirements enters the cyclone collector with the wind flow through the analyzer, and the oversized dolomite will fall into the grinding chamber for heavy load Mill, here the air flow is closed-circuit circulation, flow in the negative pressure state, from the return air pipe and heavy return into the fan for reuse.
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