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                          Uzbekistan Raymond mill production line site

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                          In September of this year, we went to Uzbekistan to regularly maintain our equipment. After arriving at the customer's production workshop, the customer was pleased to tell us that the machine had been bought back for more than a year, and there have been no problems until now. Thank you very much for recommending these models at that time, which can fully meet the production needs. 

                          As a professional manufacturer of grinding mills, Shuguang Heavy Machinery sells a variety of different types of mill equipment, including ball mills, Raymond mills, vertical mills, etc., welcome to contact us for more details.

                          Factory Address: Longjiang West Road, Shangjie District, Zhengzhou City
                          Contact number: +86-371-67666660 676667
                          Mobile phone: 0086 13523465141
                          After-sales Service Department: 0371-67666667

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